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The property inspection profession requires visual acuity, diligence, practical experience, a deep knowledge base and most importantly, the respect that clients and their families deserve for their trust in the inspector. I’ve always been drawn to technical fields (science, photography, film production, electronics, mechanical systems, etc.) and for several years was a journeyman for a Custom Home builder during which time I worked in all trades including carpentry, framing, roofing, plumbing and electrical.Although I have pursued interests in structural engineering, design and architecture (I've even studied classical architecture abroad at Cambridge) it was an instinct for fault diagnosis that emerged as the intuitive trait which consistently demonstrated itself.

Together, my investigative skills, mechanical aptitude, construction background and continued education through inspection industry organizations have all enhanced my success as a property inspector. My commitment to this profession is demonstrated by the thousands of satisfied clients and the many years as a “member in good standing” with two of the oldest and most influential inspection organizations in the county, CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) and ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors)
Marc Morin
Owner-Beachside Property Inspections

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I did a lot of research when looking for a home inspector. I started with a list of certified inspectors in the area and narrowed it down after sifting through websites, report samples, etc. The thing that made me hire Marc was his answer to my question of what he does for condo inspections in buildings vs standard home inspections. Most inspectors look at the unit and nothing else. His answer was, "I will look at EVERYTHING." That is exactly what he did. He went all over the building to make sure we had a solid understanding of what we were purchasing. Our air conditioning unit was on the roof and the building manager required a certain type of insurance to take him to the roof. He supplied that insurance immediately and was able to look at everything. He is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and has just enough moxy to politely not take no for an answer from building managers. At the end of his inspection he talked us through everything he found. The full report we got the next day was thorough, easy to understand, and exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend!
Lyndell H.
Long Beach

Thanks for everything Marc. Your inspection was fabulous and very professional. Use me for a reference anytime.
Bobby S.
Manhattan Beach
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Dear Marc:

I wanted to thank you for doing such a thorough job on your inspection at the condo on Yukon Avenue. You found things the inspectors did not find when I purchased the condo, like the water heater not being properly strapped and the furnace not having a grout seal around the bottom. The reason that is so surprising is because I had two separate home inspections when I purchased, and neither inspector noticed those things. The first inspector did not include the roof in the inspection (even though the bedroom ceilings had water stains at the time), so I hired a second inspector who said he would include the roof in the inspection (but he did not go on the roof). What really amazes me is that the second inspector missed the improperly strapped water heater, because the second inspector actually taught classes on home inspection at the college!

Anyway, you definitely are one of (apparently) few good ones. Too bad I did not know about you ten years ago when I bought.

Jean M.Torrance

Thank you for the inspection and your thorough analysis. Buying a first house comes with mixed emotions and you definitely made us feel more comfortable and helped us understand what we area getting ourselves into. Your services will definitely be recommended to all of our friends who are buying.

Kindest Regards,
Michael E. -Sr. Mechanical Engineer-
Megan S. Torrance

I have a referral for all of you. His name is Marc Morin of Beachside Property Inspection. I am in escrow and fully aware of certain problems with the 1923 Bungalow we may purchase, however, after Marc spent hours at the house and gave an incredibly detailed report, I now know so much more about every aspect of the house’s foundation, electrical, heating, roof, etc. Marc went into the attic and crawled under the house. I’ve seen reports before but never like this. My brother (who re-built his house from the ground up) looked the report over and was very impressed at the detail and noted Marc’s expertise in certain items that he caught. In addition, Marc delivered a 23-page report which included color pictures the same day of the inspection. When in need, do yourself a huge favor. Hire Marc.

Eileen S., Corporate Legal Secretary
Costa Mesa

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the unbelievable job you did on the inspection of the Monogram house. Your attention to detail and outstanding efforts should be recognized. I will be referring your work to every friend I know looking to buy or sell a home. Thanks again for your time!

Grant S., Long Beach

Clearly, Marc’s ability as a knowledgeable inspector is the reason I continue to recommend him to my clients.  However, I also appreciate Marc’s ability to relate to my diverse clientele.  Marc has completed inspections for clients who are just able to recognize a floor furnace and, for others who are thoroughly versed in the workings of all a home’s systems.  Marc modifies his explanations based on the clients’ knowledge.  Marc’s presentation at the conclusion of the inspection is detailed and outlined in a logical manner.

                                                                                                                                                Karen F., Long Beach

Thank you for a great job.  I was initially overwhelmed by the size (both in square footage and price) of my prospective purchase but was able to wrap my head around it after attending the property inspection.  Your report was clear and straightforward with information that was easy to digest (don’t get me wrong…some confusion did get the best of me concerning the 7 forced air heating units).  You came strongly recommended and now I see why.

                                Brent W., Laguna Beach

Thanks for your time spent inspecting my home of 28 years.  I admit that I took it a bit personally hearing how some of the additions and repairs that I had contracted out in the past or did myself were incorrect.  But, you weren’t harsh, just gently honest and mentioned numerous similar examples you had seen through the years. So, thank you for giving my wife and me a “heads-up” on what to do prior to listing our home.  As you know, we’re moving to Hawaii so I hope you can come and inspect our new condo. Aloha!

Gerald K., Hawthorne

Marc is first and foremost an ideal inspector. He is thorough in his work, explains construction, plumbing and electrical issues in a way that even the most hands-off person can understand.

Moshi A., Santa Monica

 I knew a 30-unit apartment building would result in a lengthy and detailed inspection report but, my fear was it would not be reader friendly, so thanks for debunking that!  Your inspections have always been popular with my clients, but this one really impressed.  As this is my first personal commercial investment, I was confident you were the man for the job.  Rich, the on-site ‘handyman’, was a bit upset by some of the findings, but he couldn’t dispute them.

William L., Long Beach

Just wanted to thank you in print.  Thorough, clear and informative are the buzzwords for you and your company.  This is my third home and BPI is my third inspection company.  I can’t promise this is my last real estate purchase, but at least I’ve found my inspector.  Thanks again.

Keith R., Pasadena

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